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Never mind the People’s Vote – our democracy will still be broken | Suzanne Moore

Referendums are bad for complex issues, while Parliament is bypassed when it suits the government. How will yet another vote change that?

A polling card drops through the door for the local elections. I catch myself feeling slightly weary. No need to lecture me on those who died for my right to vote. I know. Indeed there is still something moving about that little pencil in the polling booth, the hurried cross, the secrecy, the idea that this matters. Voting – yes, that’s good, so let’s have more of it, except when it isn’t. In which case, the answer is more voting …

I am confused, for instance, about the People’s Vote campaign, which says it is not really trying to get a second referendum about Brexit. One of the key remain arguments is that people did not really know or understand what they were voting for the first time. Somehow, next time they will. Perhaps it is true that voting got us into this mess and voting will get us out. Yet I sense no appetite for another vote. Clarity is indeed welcome, but isn’t “the people’s vote” as slippery a term as “the will of the people”?

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