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Bill Maher: Trump’s Problem Is That He’s ‘Never Once Brought a Woman to Orgasm’


On Saturday night, HBO aired Bill Maher: Live from Oklahoma, the political satirist’s 11th stand-up special for the cable network. Its original title was Triggered, though apparently Maher thought better of naming his comedy routine after an internet-troll word.

Throughout the hour-long special, filmed at the 2,800-capacity Brady Theater in Tulsa, the 62-year-old comic delivered—by his own admission—many of his “greatest hits,” going after “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” and Islam and fussing over Caitlyn Jenner’s genitals (she had gender-reassignment surgery last year, Bill, you don’t need to keep harping on it).

He assigned nicknames to top Trump administration officials, including former EPA chief Scott Pruitt (“three raccoons under a trench coat”), Attorney General Jeff Sessions (“a Confederate soldier”) and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos (“mentally challenged”). Vice President Mike Pence, meanwhile, was “beyond Christian”—with Maher mimicking the politician in saying, “Life begins at erection”—though not as bad as Trump because he’s “not trying to become a dictator” and “is within the normal parameters of Republican awful.”

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